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Bmw e30 close ratio gearbox

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bmw e30 close ratio gearbox chassis: 1987 bmw e30 325; engine swap: nissan rb25det neo; . The 323i has a 3. MSRP is $2790. The ratios are FIA Homologated Group A, custom . 07 final drive ratio. Send Message Close. Four-door sedan models were introduced in 1983, convertibles were introduced in 1985 and estate (Touring) models were introduced in 1987. Limited Slip Differential (LSD) 5-speed dogleg** manual gearbox with close-ratio gears. 7. 10 ratio ; . Bespoke lightweight flywheel and clutch. 09 2. We have years of experience with this gearbox without any issues. . However this kit is only compatible with Getrag transmissions. 4. 10:1. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Rare bmw e30 m3 getrag gearbox sport getriebe Dogleg Close ratio genuine oem at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! Transmission. This is a close-ratio gear set (6 gears total) to suit the Getrag 260 which is found in many BMWs including E30 and E34. 403 III . Yes, we do make a close ratio gear kit for the BMW E30 M3. Displacement 2302 CC, Bore and stroke 93,4 X 84,0 mm, Compression ratio 10. The BMW E30 318is was only available to purchase with a 5-speed manual gearbox. 253 4th: 1. I II III IV V VI: 3,333 2,385 1,800 1,471 1,200 . 2017 . More BMW E30 M3 News: 1988 325 “Super Eta”. The BMW E30 is an entry-level luxury car which was produced by BMW from 1982 to 1994. 91 crown and pinion. 000 4th, 0. 48 3rd Gear 1 1 1 4th Gear N/A 0. 2- install short transmission (first gear is backwards) 3- install short autolocking differencial. transmission in relation to activation of shift components (multi plate clutches and brakes, band brakes, freewheels) control and direct the powerflow through the planetary gearset(s) providing various output ratios. Transmission: Rear wheel drive front engine. 21. A limited-slip differential is at the rear axle for additional traction. BMW E39 M5, E46 M3 Exchange Diff. This list is not comprehensive, but it’s a good start when considering what must be factored in general. The 333i was fitted with a dog-leg close-ratio Getrag ‘box and 25 percent ZF limited slip-diff. lbs. 5 : 1, Bosch ML Motronic Injection system. 0CSL and became nicknamed as the Flying Brick in reference to the blocky bodyshape, was powered by a Formula Two . 73 0. A popular option on European cars, close ratio gearboxes provide quicker acceleration through more optimum use of your car's power band. What are my options for a close ratio gearbox? Any CR gearbox from the BMW parts bin that drops right in? besides the dogleg? Driveline "The E30 M3 had one of two Getrag 265 5-speed gearboxes. 2 turns lock-to-lock rack. where 5th gear is overdrive. 46:1. Better Fuel Economy: 3. Engine: S14 B23 M-Power, cast iron inline four cylinder inline, 16 valve DOHC aluminum cylinder head. 00 (as of 2010) Ratios are as follow: 1st: 2. bmw z3 close ratio rack ; Options include power steering, a 5-speed close-ratio ‘dogleg’ sport gearbox, and 25% limited slip differential. 26 (4), 1. Standard: 4. Evolution I 505 units produced February 87 - May 87 . 253. Throughout the production run there were a myriad of changes to interior and exterior . Audi RS5 dampers; BMW E30 dampers; BMW M3 E30 Group A dampers; BMW E36/E46 dampers; BMW E87/E90/E92 dampers; Honda B Series dampers; Honda EP3 dampers; Honda FN2 dampers; Ford . Transmission was also taken from the 540i donor vehicle and therefore has a 6-speed manual gearbox and uprated clutch. U. Supplied fully assembled ready for installation. 77 (3), 1. The 320is was essentially a normal E30 apart from the M engine, the close-ratio Getrag 265 5-speed manual gearbox with a “dogleg” shift pattern, and some upgrades to both the suspension and braking. Most BMW E30 Differentials vary from 2. Oct. Refresh Your Memory About The BMW M3 With This Video; BMW shows off E30 and E92 M3 pickups, E36 M3 Compact, E46 M3 Touring . S . BMW M3 E30 6speed Dogbox HTP correct! . You will need one of these kits E30 M3 Variations. 721. The first is to find a 17mm hex (a shallow 17mm at that) to undo the transmission fill and drain plugs. By design, each transmission manages powerflow uniquely with a common goal of providing progressive output ratios. There were many differentials used on the E30 models. Fifth is a 1:1 ratio. 4th: 1. MFactory Getrag 260 Close-Ratio Gear Set | BMW E30 323i/325i. Comes complete with all parts and accessories for installation. 46 vs 3. 48 1. This is a Getrag 265 5-Speed Close Ratio gearbox taken out of an Alpina B7. The set does not include bearings, seals or synchros. Tax 10-15 Working Days What kind of gearbox does the E30 320is have? Like the European-spec E30 M3, the sole gearbox for the E30 320is is a close-ratio Getrag 260 five-speed manual with a "dogleg" shift pattern and the following ratios: 3. What you see here is one of his rolling business cards, a 1990 BMW E30 325i widebody with an S52 turbo and TREMEC Magnum-F six-speed transmission. 852 EBM-1901A BMW 325 E30 Reverse gear Straight cut gear . 615. 457 2nd, 1. 300 going to the U. Comments: I have a 3. Differential Gear Ratios. Tax £2,540. A direct bolt in on U. Description . Almost 15. They come with a close ratio gearbox with a 1 - 1 final drive ratio in the transmission . 95 M3 had a 3. There are two basic challenges to changing the transmission fluid on the E30 for the DIY’er. Next, fill in the ratios for your gearbox, and differential. MFACTORY BMW E30 325I CLOSE RATIO GEAR SET COMPLETE 1ST-5TH. These racks are bolt in modifications with a couple bits of hardware. 8L Z3 96+ had a 2. The various M3s had special ratios as well. my E30 325 SE had all the m-tech II . 77 Incl. $2,499. 7:1 differential. 2 ratio rack as well. There was no automatic option available to buyers, even in the US. Enhance. as we can offer many short or long gear ratio versions. 45:1 ratio on the differential. 857 Please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions. Close ratio gear. All non-M 3-series coupes and sedans 92-98 came with a 3. 31 Excl. Learn more. unit. 40 (2), 1. 000 5th: 0. The 1984-1985 318i was equipped with the M10 1. 96? From which E36 model is that, is it 318iS or 318iS Motorsport 2? I have a 325i E30 with 2. 615 2nd: 1. are 3. It is a high performance close-ratio gearbox with first gear at the bottom left. 10 Short Ratio Ring and Pinion Set for BMW 188 mm Differential. 215 1st, 1. Designed according “Prodrive” specification, to fit the OEM Getrag 265/5 gearbox after minor modifications. 00 (5). What you use as a transmission will determine which driveshaft and differential ratio you . 73 Reverse Gear 2. Close Ratio Gearbox. I am thinking of making some performance upgrades: 1- install 3. 72 (1), 2. The gear ratios are: I 1 : 3. The two-door 325i Sport benefited from numerous M-Tech upgrades from BMW’s Motorsport Division, including; an M Technic body-kit and boot spoiler, Anthracite headlining (unique to the 325i Sport), a limited-slip differential, M Technic suspension (15mm lowering springs and Boge M Technic shock absorbers) and a five-speed ZF close-ratio gearbox. 7l, i6 engine and dog-leg close-ratio 5-speed manual gearbox – the introductory Evo 1 model produced 145kw of power while the upgraded Evo 2 model of the early nineties produced 155kw of power both with a respectable 265nm of torque. Zach got the car in 2015. The Alpina B6 3. Contact me with my email for more info: morninggrace704@gmail. 5 speed close ratio gearbox . They connected it to a shorter differential (3. Tax 10-15 Working Days Close Ratio Gearbox. $ 3,227. 200bhp / ft. 10 Ratio 4. However this kit is only compatible with Getrag transmissions where 5th gear is overdrive. 27 (very rare). 6 seconds accelerating to a top speed of 251 km/hr. Between the Alpina configured 2. And this drift-friendly BMW E30 M3, featured below, is pretty close to being . WHEELS, YRES & BRAKES Two sets of BMW E30 M3 15" BBS Cross Spoke alloy wheels with five stud wheel fixings are supplied. There is no overdrive like the U. You can use any M50, S50, M52, or S52 for this swap. BMW E30 to M5x/S5x Engine Swap - Parts List. This is a perfect and excellent working BMW E30 M3 265 Gearbox Special Conversion. 0 turns lock-to-lock rack and a 2. BMW 135i 235i 335i 140i LSD Exchange Diff BMW E21 / 2002 Exchange Diff BMW E82 E90 118i 120i 320i 323i Exchange Diff BMW E39 E46 323i 325i 328i 330i LSD Exchange Diff. 75 Ratio 4. 000. We offer different ratio sets. • European models with the close-ratio five-speed gearbox have a “dog leg” shifter with first gear located down and to the left. The gearbox in question was a Getrag 240/5 unit, the internals of which are shared with the E30 320i 6-cylinder car, but the propshaft end of the unit is a different length making them not . 10:1 final-drive ratio for US models. Initially this wa s merely a 325i 2-door fitted with a bodykit and a close-ratio gearbox (improving acceleration at the expense of top speed and economy), but more changes were made to keep the car competitive in South African saloon car racing. 13 Ratio 5. There are 3 different ratios that BMW E36 cars came equipped with. 3rd: 1. M42 gearbox: It can be mounted without any problem in with an M50 engine but the gearbox will be displaced towards the back so that it is necessary to cut the driveshaft and shifter linkage. It was mated to a close-ratio five-speed manual gearbox and a limited . BMW 325 E30 5TH GEAR;RATIO: 0. Step 3: Enter Gearbox Ratios. Getrag Sport 245 Dogleg Close Ratio Gearbox M20/E21/E30 REBUILT - No Longer Available 04-13-2017, 10:00 AM Getrag Sport 245 Dogleg Close Ratio Gearbox M20/E21/E30 REBUILT Send Message Close. M50/M52 gearbox: It has a different gearbox ratio that the e30 gearbox so the differential ratio would be very short. North American models used a traditional shift pattern and had wider gear spacing with an overdriven fifth gear. 0. 91, 4. A dogleg close-ratio sport gearbox was available as an option. 175 3rd, 1. 5L engine from 535i. The GS6-37DZ is 635 mm long. 15 limited slip and I am currently using some E36 transmission which is running SUPER until around 160km/h where is looses power and the limiter will kick in at 6500rpm and car is at 200km/h on 5th gear . com Only popular models are covered. 5-liter M3 Sports Evolution. He favored this chassis as it was the first production manufactured car to win the touring car championship back in 1987. These ratios are the stock specifications. 4- bilstein suspension. 323i models with sports transmissions had a different differential. Gearbox. It is 120 mm longer than the Getrag 260. pushing the compression ratio to10,9:1. This page lists a few as options for road cars to give indicative pricing only. 10, and 4. Hagerty senior data specialist John Wiley says, “Among stock BMW examples—and putting aside the M3—only the E30 325i convertible has come close to this value. 73 from the E30 and the 3. Updated 6. Print Page. BMW E30 Close Ratio Steering Rack Swap. 45, 3. The transmission was a Getrag 265 5-speed manual. Both 3. £2,117. These ratios are suitable for road cars. 36 Ratio 5. A clutch-type limited-slip differential was standard equipment. 15 from the E36 have one side can be spun and the other side of the axle doesn't. 721 3rd: 1. Drive Shaft The automatic E36 M3 driveshaft. 36 (2002 Turbo), 3. All engagement dogs are undercut to promote positive and rapid engagement, and backlash angles have been optimized for each gear. torque 5 speed close ratio gearbox Center resonator Modified cylinder head What kind of gearbox does the E30 M3 have? Two different Getrag 265 five-speed manual gearboxes were used in the E30 M3; a close-ratio version with a direct top gear and a “dogleg” shift pattern for European-spec cars, and an overdrive unit (shared with the E30 325i) with a standard “H” pattern for North America and Japan. Full six speed close ratio gear set comprising both input and output shafts and all gears. The second challenge is how to actually get new fluid back in because the drain plug is surrounded by the transmission tunnel, some people try to make contraptions that allow them to pump the fluid . 79 times for each spin of the output shafts! With the transmission gear and vehicle’s speed being constant, the higher the differential ratio, the higher your engine will rev. Advert #17443. BMW M3 E30; BMW M3 E36/E46 4 and 5 speed . The set includes: 2. 25:1. Differential is a larger 210mm LSD with 3. The 316 and 318i shared a differential, as did the 320i and 323i, with the standard transmission. 318i. 5S was able to rocket from 0 to 62 miles per hour in 6. I believe the e30 eta models (325e and 325es) have a 2. 73 2. The automatic transmission ZF HP4-22 is 685 mm long. Listed below are a number of common settings for various BMWs, but it will also calculate RPM/Speed for any vehicle you have the data on. 1st Gear 2. 64, 3. Any seasoned E30 enthusiast will tell you that one of the best weekend modification that can be made is the installation of an E36 steering rack. 95. specification 325. Close ratio. A five speed manual close-ratio Getrag transmission with a dogleg shift pattern is a delight to use and again identical to a regular E30 M3 with the added benefit of short shift action courtesy Z3M Coupe gear lever. There is no fifth gear overdrive like the U. 7 turns lock-to-lock! The result is better steering feel and response. Buy in monthly payments with Affirm on orders over $50. As every track is different, it's best to contact Diff Lab regarding race ratios for your vehicle. 8 conversion, my diff is 3. For other vehicles, contact me if you need assistance. 1. Hi Yoshi, What transmission which Getrag gearbox has numbers 220. 000 first generation M3’s were built from 1986-1992, with 5. 2nd: 1. BMW M3 Generations. BMW E30 - 318i / 318is Manual 5sp. BMW Motorsport 3. 79 and up to 4. They quicken the steering ratio from 4 down to 2. This gearkit can handle up to 400 Nm of torque, and is HTP (Historical Technical Passport) proved. Initially this was merely a 325i 2-door fitted with a bodykit and a close-ratio gearbox (improving acceleration at the expense of top speed and economy), but more changes were made to keep the car competitive in South African saloon car racing. 48 2. 73 from an E30 and would like to replace the internals of my '92 325i 3. The E30 was available as both a Manual and an Automatic. The length of the drive shaft for the GS6-37DZ must be close to 1367 mm. BMW S1000RR Close Ratio Race Gearbox. This was the strongest gearbox for classic BMW-s (and some other cars) and the Close Ratio version is now extremely rare. The car looks far more subtle than the M3 thanks to the lack of flared wheel arches, but it’s performance wasn’t all that far off in the . 09 Final Drive/ Differential Specifications: Please keep in mind that several different ratios were available with these cars. A custom bracket for a 6-speed transmission in a BMW E30. Step 1: Enter Final gear ratio (differential) Step 2: Enter Tire Size. The steering racks that can be swapped in from the other chaSsis make the car feel sportier and become a bit more nimble. Rear differentials installed included a 4. This was 3 km faster than BMW’s top version of the E30 M3, the 2. specification M3's. MFACTORY BMW E30 325I CLOSE RATIO GEAR SET COMPLETE 1ST-5TH by MFactory from only £2,419. Description-ACURA - PART NO. Thank you! Best Regards, Sean F Gearing Calculator. Tax. US models received an overdrive transmission while European models were outfitted with a dogleg version, with first gear being down and to the left, and fifth gear being a direct 1:1 ratio. 78 £2,117. Later when it became clear that South Africa would not be getting the M3, the 325iS was created. 8 liter SOHC inline-4, first seen on the 1969 BMW 1800 and revised for use on the E21 3-series, capable of 101 horsepower @ 5800 RPM. The 318i was the base model in the E30 lineup from 1984-1985 and again in 1991. Generation One (E30): 1986-1991 The transmission was based on the European close-ratio "dogleg" box, held in place with BMW E28 transmission mounts. VAC Motorsports 188 size Ring and Pinion Gear Sets, BMW E30/E36 non M Gear Ratio: 3. Motorsports The Group 5 version of the BMW 320 , introduced in 1977 as a replacement to the already obsolete BMW 3. BMW 3 series E30 history and specs. There are far too many E30 / E36 options to list them all. Gear ratios as follows 1st 12/232nd. Gear ratios commonly available in the U. 25), so it would accelerate harder, and only offered it with a dogleg, close-ratio gearbox, to better keep it in it’s rev range. BMW M3 E30 gr. A; BMW M3 E30; BMW M3 E36/E46 4 and 5 speed; BMW M3 E36/E46 6 speed; Honda EP3/DC5/FN2; 4WD Nissan GTR gearbox; Chevrolet Corvette C5/C6 gearbox; Dampers. S. Width. 64 Ratio 3. Please note that a standard 265 gearbox needs to be supplied by the customer or we can supply a donor gearbox at an additional cost of €2000. E30 radiator (only late will work (not early), as the reservoir is on the wrong side) or E36 part with the lower mounts raised 2. The initial models used the coupe (two-door sedan) body style. ” In July 2019, also in the UK, a 1990 325i convertible sold for £42,188 ($54,201). That means that the input shafts spin 2. 852 5th + Reverse (Straight Cut). Evolve *Premium options available **UK/Euro-spec donors only Send Message Close. If fitted with a sport gearbox, the ratio was 3. A popular option on European M3's, the five speed close ratio provides quicker acceleration through more optimum use of the M3's power band. Although the 333i has a close-ratio gearbox . MODEL . Gearbox ratios As you can see below, all gearboxes have direct transmission on 4th gear, except for the sport box which has direct transmission on 5th gear. E30 M3 . It was fitted with individual throttle plates, machined intake and exhaust ports, and a crankshaft with eight counterweights. Comes with all homologated ratios and steel syncro rings. 15 which has an S because the rear end makes that clunking sound as I shift to 1st gear or as I'm rolling on 1st or 2nd gear. BMW lebanon said: Hi i have a bmw e30 323i 1985 model, its a very clean and original car. Diameter. In total, seven different gearboxes were fitted to the E30; Four manuals, all produced by Getrag, and three automatics by ZF. All E10, E21, E30, and E36 4-cylinder models (except M3) fit with small-case differentials with a ring gear size of 168mm. The 325i received its own ratio, as did the 325e. It used a Getrag close-ratio five-speed box with a racing style dogleg first . 91 Ratio 4. Quicker, easier, cheaper and with all the benefits of an engine upgrade : the short ratio gear set is, without doubt, the best modification you can make to your vehicle for all kinds of motorsports (trackdays, drifting, grip, rally, etc). What kind of gearbox does the E30 320is have? Like the European-spec E30 M3, the sole gearbox for the E30 320is is a close-ratio Getrag 260 five-speed manual with a "dogleg" shift pattern and the following ratios: 3. Transmission. A gearbox. M3s and M Z3s 96+ had a 3. bmw 4. 4 hp/lb ratio. an insane 0. This is desired because the lock to lock ratio on the e30 is quite large. 0225. Getrag 265 Gr. the 325i Sport came with a close ratio gearbox, not the standard 325i gearbox. It can be mounted to any M10, M30 or E30 M3 engine but not to M20 as it has different bellhousing. You can use an E46 M3 6-speed transmission as well. European models were outfitted with a dogleg version with close ratios and a 1:1 ratio for fifth gear. You can also use the E30 transmissions (Getrag 240 or 260, both 5-speed) or any E36 transmission (Getrag 250 5-speed, ZF 320 5-speed, Euro 6-speed). This guide was created to explain how to swap an E36, E46, or Z3 steering rack into an E30. The overall performance of a gearbox is measured by its ratio, found by dividing the ratio of 1st gear by the ratio of 5th. Delivering the power to the rear wheels are custom a prop shaft and drive shafts manufactured by Davmac. 56 1. 44 ratio European models were outfitted with a dogleg version with close ratios and a 1:1 ratio for fifth gear. E30 radiator overflow tank 3. Did BMW product a Sport and a non-Sport at all, or were they all sports? . The power runs through a six-speed manual gearbox, but a close-ratio five-speed in another option. 48 2nd Gear 1. Some of Jodahl's BMW E30 M3 upgrades include a Garrett GTX4294R turbocharger, Powerhouse . Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Rare bmw e30 m3 getrag gearbox sport getriebe Dogleg Close ratio genuine oem at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! The BMW E30 M3, Getrag 265 gearkit is a complete dog engaged straight-cut gearkit. 88 Ratio 4. 45. 717 II 1 : 2. Aspect ratio. Accordingly, ring and pinion gears can be exchanged freely between all these cars. bmw e30 close ratio gearbox